La La Vault

A well of grief, a new beginning

Gift of kindness can be among life’s sweetest surprises

Reframing a challenge can open our eyes to opportunity

Brother’s bold decision is a lesson in courage and faith

These journeys of surrender reap unexpected rewards

Like any great pursuit this relationship was impelled by joy

This dream takes off on wings of precious support

Mallorca was a gift I gave to myself

A mother’s love and freedom are beautiful things

Friends are reflections of life we’ve lived and ways we’ve loved

This past is a teacher I meet with gratitude

The spirit of the holidays looms large

The best gifts for kids are intangible

Friend’s happy news prompts reflections on marriage

This practice will make 2011 a banner year

Rituals can powerfully mark events of our lives

Anniversary a poignant reminder: cherish loved ones now

Courage at its mightiest can be an act of faith

Kinship of community can be vital to our lives

A father’s suffering inspires new, deeper way to love

Some dreams are a calling that won’t be denied

This beginning is a sweet, synchronistic surprise

A legacy of gentle love and kindness

Even great loss holds within it a sweeter seed

The power of genuine gratitude for another’s good fortune

This unexpected view is somehow still perfect

A bright note bridges an ocean of broken dreams

Love often waits for a life lit up from within

This lesson from 9/11 inspires hope and healing

Threads from past prompt another chance for healing

Wild adventure an exercise in facing fear

Love still lingers with some failed friendships

Big question leads to no easy answers

This holiday season promises to be bittersweet

Sparkly gift is a timely and loving reminder

These dreams surprise when they finally come true

There’s always a season for kindness

Concert tickets a bold step in charting new freedom

Celebration of new life is also a celebration of love

Special birthday prompts a visit to the past

When love gives you wings don’t be afraid to fly

An occasion to practice the art of receiving

Renewing these commitments makes life more meaningful

This love will linger in the empty space it filled

In the pursuit of one’s purpose let joy be a guide

Special occasion reinforces the blessing of family

From dashed hopes, a brighter dream stirs

A Father’s Day fraught with the precious and painful

From a dream deferred comes a bright new start

Risking compassion, openness reaps more than connection

Bracing for change is an act of faith and trust

True romance comes from growth along the journey

Uncomfortable truth gives way to a shifting perspective

Joyous journey promises healing, too

An extravagance of beauty blows the heart wide open

This goodbye is one I never wanted to say

Borrowed memories bring a father back to life

Gratitude has a place even among the grieving

The surest sign of love is one that lights up the dark

In giving and sharing, gift of healing shines

Well of sorrow is never deeper than the well of joy

A new year means time for a new vision

To be seen is to feel the purest of love

Friendships are deepened from a raw and honest place

A place still remains for those who have come and gone

Choosing to love is to risk loss at every turn

These small moments are a blessing and a balm

Spring inspires blossoming thoughts of love

Through the static, a sign of hope emerges

This vocation keeps me tending seeds of hope

Familiar struggle unearths hard questions, deep hurts

Building community starts with knowing our  neighbors

A Father’s Day tribute of hope and inspiration

What we carry can be as crucial as what we put down

Family vacation remains a treasured gift of time

Yes, we are meant to be no matter what happens next

In praise of real beauty and the women who embody it

Big change inspires memories of even bigger adjustment

Following the heart leads to sweet, if shaky, reunion

This happy place is filled with memories and renewal

Love looms, and even grows, in this still-fresh absence

This kind of breakup is always awkward to do

These patterns date back further than my own past

This fan has an abiding love for an artist who inspires

Preserving family favorites creates new expression of love

Vacationing in paradise feels like next-best thing to home

Motherhood is optional but this love feels very necessary

To let go with love is sometimes the hardest goodbye

These New York moments bring me back to myself

Path to happiness is paved with pleasures, large and small

It’s time to prioritize this expression of gratitude

Championing this dream begins with reframing resistance

In praise of birthdays, even when their promise is bittersweet

Friendship is love beyond what separates on the surface

Maybe it’s not about moving on but moving with our grief

When a decision is right, life expands with joy and ease

Fear can be an ally in facing change and charting new paths

This Father’s Day, these men give plenty of reason for gratitude

Falling in love with myself has meant falling in love with the world

Sometimes saying ‘I love you’ is sharing a riotous laugh

These branches of love have offered shelter and joy

New experience dating is an exercise in appreciation

Friend’s first retreat a precious blossoming dream

Family vacation to Nashville my favorite of all time

Celebration of beauty no match for what shines within

Moving on forces choice of what we’re ready to leave behind

The path to adoration is filled with self-love

In these matters joy and sorrow can be surprise guests

Changing seasons bring gift of rest and introspection

Maybe there’s more than love waiting to fill this space

This holiday season I’ll savor these moments the most

This new year is time for a fresh beginning